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If you have any difficulty in viewing a game, then it's probably due to an "old" plug-in. Try one of the following links (a new browser window will open) - FLASH - SHOCKWAVE - JAVA
If you are unsure as to what plug-in is required for a particular game, then simply look at the top of your browser, you should see something like this - Alchemy - Online Flash Puzzle Game


You can contact us (suggestions, feedback, complaint etc) at anytime by clicking here


If you wish to submit your game then please use the contact link above. We do not Hot-Link to games, even if you want us to :O)
We will accept the necessary jar, dcr, swf etc files and host them from Goriya.com - banner space can of course be provided on your game page.
If you wish to submit a link to your website, then you can do so by creating an account for our Topsites listing by clicking here


You can view our privacy policy by clicking here

If you are unable to find something on Goriya.com, then try using our search engine - For example, if you are searching for Sonic the Hedgehog, just try typing in - Sonic

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