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flash action games

action - classic - sport - puzzle - misc - martial arts - platform - racing : categories
alias alias - 1st in the A.L.I.A.S series, scientists attempt to make the ultimate war machine...that thinks like a man but fights like a machine alias 2 alias 2 - Artificial Lifeform Intended for Assassination and Sabotage - the story continues - NEW
alien attack alien attack - space shooter game - defend your mars base and defeat the enemy ships alien clones alien clones - destroy the alien clones - collect power-ups and save the planet from destruction
alpha bravo charlie alphabravocharlie - helicopter pilot game - pick up the stranded service men, shoot the bad guys balloony balloony - shoot at anything from black birds to space ships in this funny hot air balloon game
bush shoot-out bush shoot-out - defend the White House from the enemy - fun shooter game clash n slash clash n slash - blast the aliens with upgrades, powerups, enemies, and huge bosses - highscores
dirt dragons dirt dragons - you must eliminate all the dirt dragons - with 5 weapons to choose from ghost wrath ghost wrath - kill the ghosts to reach the next level - collect power-ups on your way - highscores
jackhammer rampage jackhammer rampage - unique flash game - eliminate the cute pink bunnies with a jackhammer kwikshot kwikshot - score as many points as you can by shooting the targets

midnight strike midnight strike - destroy the evil cyborgs in this fun action/platform game - highscores slingshot slingshot - shoot at the enemy cavemen whilst avoiding their slingshot stones
spacefighter spacefighter - pilot your spacecraft through lots of levels collecting weapons, fuel and shields stick shootout stick shootout - first person perspective shoot-em-up with stick men
stressgame stressgame - play paintball at your desk - hit the stress relief balls in the office to gain maximum points tanks tanks - over 12 types of artillery, from scatter bombs to air strikes - multi-player option
trapshoot trapshoot - prove that you're the sharpest shooter on the ranch - fun shooting game war on terrorism war on terrorism - war inspired shootemup game, choose from 4 different missions
world domination world domination - turn-based strategy game, destroy all the opposing countries to win wrath wrath - the original version of the God game
wrath2 wrath 2 - brutal God game, destroy everything - and then do it some more wrath special edition wrath special edition - violent but highly enjoyable

flash action games

action - classic - sport - puzzle - misc - martial arts - platform - racing : categories

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