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flash classic games

action - classic - sport - puzzle - misc - martial arts - platform - racing : categories
asteroids asteroids - flash classic arcade game - with cool retro vector graphics - highscores asteroids asteroids - shoot the asteroids and flying saucer in this atari arcade classic - highscores
battle pong battle pong - remake of the retro classic Pong with a manga style battleships battleships - flash version of the classic strategy game, blow-up your opponents battleships
blobwars blobwars - gain control of the board by attacking your enemy's blobs and converting them to your own charlies angels codebreaker charlie's angels codebreaker - flash version of classic game breakout with charlie's angels
gyroball gyroball - navigate your gyroball to the glowing goal of each level without falling off the platforms hangaroo hangaroo - flash hangman clone with a kangaroo - fun word guessing game
hexxagon hexxagon - flash strategy game similar to the classics Othello and Attaxx invaders invaders - classic arcade shoot-em-up space invaders, shoot the aliens - highscores
invaders invaders - fun and colourful version of the arcade classic with power ups - highscores lunar command lunar command - save the lunar population by protecting the moon base from a vicious alien attack

magicballs magicballs - cute bust-a-move clone, clear the board before the time runs out mahjong mahjong - match the tiles into pairs to clear the table - highly playable
pacman pacman - excellent copy of the classic arcade game - highscores radial snake radial snake - flash 3D and radial version of the classic snake game - highscores
sheepish sheepish - just like the classic Frogger game - but with slightly more sheep, and no frogs simon simon - memorize and copy the sequence of coloured lights - cool retro memory game
smashing smashing - flash arkanoid/breakout clone, good power-ups snake snake - flash clone of snake/nibbles with difficulty levels and high scores - highscores
snake snake - flash radial version of the classic snake game, also called nibbles with cool bonuses feature solitaire solitaire - flash version of the traditional card game - also known as patience
tetris tetris - flash version of retro arcade classic tetris, includes difficulty levels and special bricks tetris tetris - paul neave's version of the classic brick puzzle game - highscores

tetris tetris - another version of the retro arcade classic - excellent graphics tic tac toe tic tac toe - flash version of classic noughts and crosses, simple game of strategy
network tic tac toe tictactoe - play tic tac toe with other players on your school/work/home network in this multiplayer game trouble bubbles troublebubbles - fun remake of tetris with bubbles - arcade classic
warrior warrior - classic arcade shooter game with end of level bosses    

flash classic games

action - classic - sport - puzzle - misc - martial arts - platform - racing : categories

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