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flash misc games

action - classic - sport - puzzle - misc - martial arts - platform - racing : categories
alien abduction alien abduction - navigate your flying saucer, abduct the townsfolk and deliver them to the mothership antwar antwar - start with a simple anthill and grow into an amazing ant empire in this fun game of strategy
ask guru joe askgurujoe - ask Guru Joe any question and the animated psychic will give you an answer bingo bingo - fun bingo game, a good range of game patterns and speech
black knight black knight - collect as much taxes as possible for the king by bashing his peasants - highscores blobz blobz - try and blow yourself up before your opponent! fun flash game
br2 br2 - ball revamped - get the ball to the warp square without touching the sides, steady hands are necessary bubble trouble bubbletrouble - shoot the balloons but watch out when they divide
bubbles bubbles - collect the blue bubbles to gain points, avoid the black spikes, cool music bug on a wire bug on a wire - carefully guide your bug on the powerline and jump over crows to avoid getting eaten
bumpcopter 2 bumpcopter 2 - fly your helicopter past all the obstacles in order to reach the next level - highscores buzzer buzzer - move the ring from one side to the other without touching the sides

canyon glider canyonglider - steer the glider through the dessert and then land him on target cheff toss chefftoss - humorous"action" game....good sounds and game play
chilli chilli - eat the chilies as fast as you can by clicking your mouse button - cute graphics couronne deluxe couronne deluxe - a classic billiard-style game where there are few rules and lots of room for tactics
cup stacking cup stacking - type the keys and stack the cups, addictive flash typing game - highscores gemini gemini - keep the ball suspended and roll the ball into the goal to reach the next level - tricky but fun
harvey wallbanger harvey wallbanger - move the mirrored disco ball through the club without falling off the dance floor keep ups keep ups - see how many times you can keep the ball up in the air before you drop it
lander x lander x - control your spaceshp..launch from one pad to another..and use gravity mission mars mission mars - blast the tops of the buildings below as you rapidly descend
monkey lander monkeylander - pilot your spaceship to collect all the bananas and land safely, similar to 'space lander' moon cave moon cave - fly through the alien caves to find a way out - collect tokens for extra fuel and points

parachute retro parachute retro - drop the scientist to safety in passing pillow filled trailers rigelian hotshots rigelian hotshots - help rid the mines of an insidious insect invasion - good side scroller game
rollon rollon - guide your ball past all the obstacles in 3D snakeshooter snakeshooter - its not very complicated but the expressions on the faces :o))
snow traxx snow traxx - help Chilly make his way out of the park so he can meet his friend starship 11 starship11 - addictive space lander type game, lots of levels..good power-ups
twiddlestix twiddlestix - navigate your way safely through the waterways without hitting the sides waitress waitress - work as a waitress in a restaurant and give the customers a satisfactory service or get fired - NEW
wedding bouquets wedding bouquets - catch the bouquets and bombs and put them in the basket or box    

flash misc games

action - classic - sport - puzzle - misc - martial arts - platform - racing : categories

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