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java puzzle games

action - classic - sport - puzzle - misc - racing : categories
3d maze 3d maze - 3D java maze, multiple solutions, including hexagon and square rooms bridges bridges - simple but fun game of strategy, create a solid red line to win
english 16 english16 - swap the different coloured pieces in the fewest number of moves fiver fiver - java clone of classic puzzle othello, similar to lights out, swap all the white pieces to black
frozen bubbles frozen bubbles - shoot the bubbles in groups of three or more in the same colour, cute arcade style game hanoi hanoi - move all the discs to the rightmost peg, classic game of simple maths and logic
hare and hounds hare and hounds - 19th century game of mathematics and strategy, also called fox and geese hex 7 hex7 - connect your sides of the board with a line of unbroken pieces, elegant game invented in the 1940's
iceplus iceplus - retro arcade game, similar to pengo, smash the ice-blocks and avoid the flames pannerotto pannerotto101 - position the coloured squares into their corresponding outline
peeptin peeptin - arrange the blocks from 1 to 15 in numerical order, fun java mini-puzzle game peggy peggy - java version of peg solitarie, similar to 'checkers jumps', remove all the pegs on the board to win

rubik rubik - java version of the retro 80's puzzle game rubik's cube same game samegame - java classic puzzle game, match up the coloured bricks to clear the board
sliders sliders - classic sliding puzzle game, unscramble the tiles, various levels of difficulty tactix tactix - the goal is to force the other player to remove the last counter, 2 player strategy game
triplets triplets - a simple "three in a row" game, clever game of strategy, 3 difficulty levels wordsearch wordsearch - classic wordsearch puzzle game, various levels and subjects

java puzzle games

action - classic - sport - puzzle - misc - racing : categories

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