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categories : action - classic - misc

mac action game downloads

small game | good graphics and gameplay..addictive | 410kb
demonstar SM1 | battle your way through hordes of new enemies, and destroy their devastating new weapons | 3.4mb

mac classic game downloads

3d brick bash | a 3d version of the classic Breakout | 148kb
connect 4 | good graphics and multiple board sizes | 211kb
small worm | a variation of Nibbles but with some added extras | 11kb
mac invaders | good version - 2 player modes, key config, high scores | 782kb
mac checkers | well....its pretty obvious..its chequers..or draughts | 26kb
screamer chess | a master-strength chess program | 1305kb

mac misc game downloads

boogers | catch boogers in your booger-fuelled tank but try not to get hit by them | 189kb
tanker rescue | guide your ship to the oil tanker to rescue it and the environment | 147kb

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