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pc classic game downloads

action - classic - sport - puzzle - misc - platform - racing : categories
ballistic ballistic - classic breakout clone, with lots of different levels and cool power-ups - 373kb boxworld boxworld - classic strategy style puzzle game with blox, also called sokoban and boxxle - 123kb
breakquest break quest - fun version of classic breakout, including power ups and nine different weapons - 9.40mb brickout brickout - colourful version of breakout, also known as arkanoid and ballistic, classic arcade gameplay - 489kb
bugatrongold bugatron gold - battle cute little space bugs in this classic invader game - cool power-ups - 2.8mb checkers checkers - good version of classic game draughts/checkers, simple version of chess - 83kb
columns columns - nice variation on the classic puzzle game tetris - 29kb connect connect - pc version of the classic board game connect 4, connect 4 disks in a row to win - 260kb
chess glchess - graphical version of the classic game of strategy, chess - 178kb hangman hangman - classic word guessing game - 60kb
invader invader - shoot aliens to earn money to buy power-ups with - 100 levels plus 10 bonus levels - 415kb juno juno - 3D shooter in the style of Tempest. defend the computer, Juno from 30 waves of attacking bugs - 2.1mb

mamba mamba - trap the mamba with your spiders web - similar to classic snake game - 51kb mtstical mahjong mystical mahjong - single player Mahjong with beautiful graphics based on an Egyptian theme - 1.95mb
pacman pacman - good version of the retro arcade game, eat the pills and avoid the ghosts - 394kb pinball pinball - flash version of the classic arcade machine game - 477kb
ultratron ultratron - avenge the human race and destroy the four bots of the Apocalypse - cool robotron clone - 6.34mb zball z-ball - highly graphical version of classic breakout game - 2.7mb

pc classic game downloads

action - classic - sport - puzzle - misc - platform - racing : categories

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