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world domination

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World Domination is a great turn based strategy game with many tactics to learn.

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Unlock all weapons including bigger bombs, space missiles, and more.
Use religion and propoganda to help your cause.
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Family safe, many hours of great fun.
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hints - Avoid a fight at all costs! Let the other countries battle and destroy each other. Once attacked many times the attacker will be distracted and stop attacking you.
As fast as possible, build up technology then weapons. Build up rocket, warhead, and army technology then start building weapons. You'll build lots of heavy hitting weapons with your large population.
Try to keep countries attacking you to a minimum. The more you attack and use propaganda the more they'll want to attack you.
Use diplomacy to make friends with a country that is battling others. Don't waste diplomacy on those attacking you, they'll just hate you more.
Use propaganda to steal away other country's citizens. Target large enemy cities for maximum effect. Scatter your propaganda to avoid failures.
Build religion for better propaganda attacks and to diminish propaganda attacks against you.
If you see an enemy prepare an air or rocket attack, next turn use anti air and anti rocket to block attack.
Submarines and paratropers make great weapons as they cannot be blocked.
When low on citizens, use progranda to stay alive.
When a country is on it's last legs, knock them out before they try to steal your citizens.
As the countries die away, keep friendly with the weaker countries. Let them do the dirty work against the big fry. At end all you'll have left is the not so big fry any more to knock off.

system requirements* - OS : Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows NT
price : $14.95

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