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Dropheads is great action puzzle game fun - combine them together before they fill up the screen.

Place a Drophead so that 4 or more similar drop heads touch each other and are removed from the puzzle. If your move does not result in a drop head being removed, another set of drop heads will drop from above.
Each time you remove a drop head the meter on the right will go upwards. Fill the meter up to complete the level.
Don't let the Dropheads fill up the screen. If any touches the top line the game is over.
hints - Learn to place your drop heads strategically so to help make combinations easier on later moves.
Watch what is coming from above! The top most line will show what is ready to drop.

system requirements* - OS: Windows
Processor: P-300
Memory: 64 MB RAM
DirectX: 6.1
price* - $19.95

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