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flip words

action - classic - sport - puzzle - platform - misc : categories


Flip Words - flip the letters to make words and solve familiar phrases.

The object of Flip Words is to find words in the field of letters to reveal letters from the hidden phrase. Guess the hidden phase before your turns run out. You lose a turn each time you submit a word or you incorrectly guess at a the hidden phrase.
Click on the red letters to build a chain letters into a valid word then click "Submit Word" to submit the word. The first letter of each successfully spelt word reveals a letter within the hidden phrase. Use the revealed letters and the category to figure out the hidden word then click "Guess Phrase" to make a guess at the word.
hints - Use vowels labeled "FREE" to reveal those letters in the hidden phrase. Letters with "DOUBLE" or "TRIPLE" are worth more points. Click "SHUFFLE" to shuffle all the letters.
Build longer words to make bigger scores.

system requirements* - Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP
price* - $19.95

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